Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet the unlikely survivalist

She's hot, she's together, she knows how to load a gun, change a tyre and feed an army. She lives next door. She's a survivalist!

OK, we don't know if she's hot...but Technorati has a great post about who is really running the survivalist show, and 'she' is in charge of the household budget.

Bear in mind the post has a distinctly American slant: "She (yes, she) is most likely a minivan driving soccer mom who spends most of her time running the household, brushing up on her survival skills by watching Bear Grylls, and practicing target shooting on the weekends.

"Advertisers already know the power and influence of these women. They make almost 80% of the family purchasing decisions, thus wielding significant power over a large portion of the GDP. While the husband is bringing home the bacon, she is figuring out how she can keep it frying in case of emergency. She knows it’s not a matter of “if” something catastrophic will take place. It is simply a matter of when, and she is quietly scrambling to get ready for whatever “it” is."

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