Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bug-out signal - monitor the Internet

South African blog claims Internet going down will be the 'trigger' for survivalists to bug out...control the internet, control the information.

If you don't know what bugging out means you might want to learn, people all over the world is preparing for a global meltdown, a crash or something like armageddon coming, this might sound far off and if you dont know what prepping means you might think i'm a mad man.

However in the past few weeks we kept a eye on survival forums, posts talking about bugging out and general survivalist sites and they think the time is near for the need to be prepared, but what is their "meter" or their signal that they now have to bug out?

Well, we did a bit of research and out of all the posts, blogs, polls we could find we saw that the "meter" or signal that would make people bug out the most is when the internet goes down. As we wrote earlier the internet is the true meter or level one can see the freedoms a country enjoys. When those freedoms are under attack the internet is the first to be censored.

Thus we can now see a censoring or the want to censor the internet of governments like the UK, Australia and the US, that is because their "freedoms" are under fire from big corporations, governments, tyrants and what we call the "new world order" as they also claim to be on the path of just that.

It is safe to say that most big protests are now planned through the internet, even Obama who was elected president was helped by the internet. I have doubts that if it were not for the internet he might of not been the President although I might be wrong on that one, here where I am it seems to be looking like that was the case.

So the general internet population or those survivalists that are on the internet believes it is the internet that is their meter, signal or whatever we can call it that when that goes down, that will be the time they will bug out.

Stay tuned for daily survival news.


Anonymous said...

Australia's censorship push is being driven by right-wing god-botherers.

Anonymous said...

Jim Rawles has it right - buy a kindle or cheap laptop use solar energy to recharge the batteries. That was you can keep all of the info that's electronic. Buzz

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