Monday, May 12, 2008

Bee afraid...our food is at risk

They're nature's tireless workers - no wonder they call them busy.But you've probably never considered just how busy bees really are.
Well, consider this, these humble little insects are responsible for pollinating much of the food we eat.
Without them, we'd starve.
And this is where it gets scary.
Because, right now, a tiny parasite is threatening to wipe out our bees.
It's already destroyed bee populations around the world.
And, now, it's on our doorstep in New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Spooky news! I've been thinking of getting my own hive for ages, s'pose I better stop talking and start acting :-o

Survivor Magazine said...

I think I'll be joining you - I'm not a huge honey fan, but it has lots of other uses (medicinal, sugar substitute etc)...not to mention that those bees keep much of the world's plant life ticking over.

Anonymous said...

Bees rock - this sounds so much like Bee Movie (really!). We live near a farm in the US of A and we hardly ever see bees anymore. So sad.

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