Thursday, May 15, 2008

Economic collapse wins - hands down

Survivor Magazine readers have spoken - the greatest threat to civilisation as we know it is the threat of wholesale economic collapse.
The majority of readers (67%) believe economic collapse will be our undoing, closely followed by climate change (17%), with a possible pandemic (influenza etc) and World War III tying for third place with 15%. The least likely scenario embraced by readers was an asteroid strike (5%).
Given the skyrocketing price of oil, the shockwaves of the sub-prime mortgage fallout, various drought and flood events that have pushed up the price of food (combined with petrol price hikes), it's little surprise that economic collapse is at the forefront of readers' minds.
Stay tuned for a fresh survey :^)


Anonymous said...

Personally I still believe a pandemic will arrive before any economic collapse (despite the current climate).

Cap'n Crunchtime said...

Climate change is changing the planet so quickly that it could trigger all of these things to happen at prepared boy scouts!

Tom said...

Seriously? Climate change? I am fairly well prepared based on the odds and facts. Climate change is a joke. Educate yourself before you spout this stuff out.

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