Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bushcraft - Richard Graves style

In his sadly now out-of-print Bushcraft books, the late bushman Richard Graves (of the Graves Irish literary clan), shared his love of the Australian outdoors. He wrote:

"The practice of bushcraft shows many unexpected results. The five senses are sharpened, and consequently the joy of being alive is greater.

"The individual's ability to adapt and improvise is developed to a remarkable degree. This in turn leads to increased self-confidence.

"Self-confidence, and the ability to adapt to a changing environment and to overcome difficulties, is followed by a rapid improvement in the individual's daily work. This in turn leads to advancement and promotion.

"Bushcraft, by developing adaptability, provides a broadening influence, a necessary counter to offset the narrowing influence of modern specialisation.

"For this work of bushcraft all that is needed is a sharp cutting implement: knife, axe or machete. The last is the most useful. For the work, dead materials are most suitable. The practice of bushcraft conserves, and does not destroy, wildlife.


Read his books online here.

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