Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Zealand - a survivalist paradise?

Ask any Australian and they'll tell you there are more New Zealanders in Australia than there are in New Zealand. According to the following news story, Americans (and some Australians) are making a run on New Zealand real estate with a view to setting up their ideal survivalist bolthole. The town of Queenstown and its surrounds is one of the most sought-after locations.

"Nature has made this the perfect hideout. Disappear all the way down here and who would ever find you? Until now, Queenstown’s main claim to fame has been its pioneering of the bungy jump but these days it’s attracting a very different kind of dropout. This place has emerged as a surrogate international life raft. It’s become a sanctuary for wealthy Americans and others so scared of terrorism, they’ve opted for the ultimate sea change. There’s never been any doubt that New Zealand has the scenery, and well rather a lot of it. The vast majority of overseas tourists come from Australia but the thought, or perhaps the prejudice has always been, great for a holiday but who would really want to live here? Well the answer now is a great many. Quietly, this has suddenly become the great escape." Check out the Foreign Correspondent story here.
Truth really is strange than fiction! 


Anonymous said...

NZ for some years has also attracted European Hippies. They turn up in suits, short back & sides as tradesmen. Then when they get their citizenship or near to it, long grows the hair, and the suit becomes a goatskin. Some get into council offices, social centres, public office etc, even the church, and spread the Politically Correct Sectarian dogma, egged on by the likes of Helen Clark. Our MP's say they're gonna do so much for employment, whereas in fact - have created more PC 'reasons' to sack able ppl due to not adhering to the contemporary, socially destructive PC Sectarian ideology.

Anonymous said...

Just who do we vote for in this new and alien type of PC politics we get today ? Politics has changed. PC has violated our political way. The U.S, elections too, its not Democrat & Republican at all, today its Race & Feminism (Obama & Hillary) respectively. I want to vote Labour! but Helen Clarks gay activism, anti-social policies put me well off. National is the usual calamity, and unemployment soars whenever National is in, always did. The minor parties sound better.. so I may watch and vote for the most voted minor party, Act ? The society I grew up in, was stable, honest, caring, a model (almost a toy town) society. But we had far tougher laws for serious crime ( and boy did it work ! ). Society today has become 'sissyfied' with pc wimps, queers and dears.

Anonymous said...

check out before going to New Zealand. Property is very expensive. Wages low. Native Kiwis resent foreigners buying up property there. You want to be able to trust the people around you. Most tradesmen will rip you off. Drug problems out in the rural areas. We tried NZ already as a survivalist destination, and it was not good.

typhoon778 said...

kinda resent that. im a kiwi tradesman and a bloody honest one. most tradesmen i know are honest as well. one bad apple can spoil the broth as they say. i doubt levels of trade dishonesty in new zealand are any different from othe western countries, i should know ive worked in most. kiwis in general are very honest hard working and vert accomodating to foreigners and immigrants. ive never heard of resentment to foreigners buying property and even if it exists it certainly is not a concern to most kiwis, not even peripheral concern. property is expensive especially in places like queenstown - and why not its an incredibly desirable place to live. wages are low there is no doubt about that though. drug problems in rural areas ???? wel i suppose people like to smoke a lot of weed here. though recently 'p'has become a problem in cities- but much much less than countries like usa or uk. i think perhaps the problem may be with some unlucky experiences you had or maybe the problem was with you rather than us. you should ty again - i pesonally have sourced an ecellent survival site near mt aspiring national park. it serves every need i would have in a catastrophic survival senario.

Anonymous said...

im a kiwi and i dont want yanks setting up in our country, our weak and sycophantic government sells land and assets to anyone as all they care about is their own pockets.
i would quite happily remove americans from land they have bought under these circumstances given a social breakdown, it wont be very nice when we are all fleeing to the hills to find them full of paranoid american nutcases.
its bad enough that the bush is full of gangs growing drugs we dont need american survivalists running around exercising their imaginary rights.

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