Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Choosing Eden - and survival

Peak Oil is one issue that has seen a rise in the number of people exploring self-sufficiency as a means to sustain themselves in the future.
Adrienne Langman, along with husband Larry, left her cappucino lifestyle in Sydney, trading city life for life on the land in Nana Glen, NSW - one of actor Russell Crowe's haunts. No doubt it's a pricey neck o' the woods to start afresh, but you can't beat the rainfall or temperate climate.
Another great book is Woman on the Mountain by writer Sharyn Munro, about her life carving out a solo niche for herself in an old mudbrick cottage in Wollombi, NSW.
And then there's The Good Life (shamelessly taken from the UK TV serial of the same name) follows a six-month 'experiment by a Queensland family in living off the proceeds of their garden.
Nothing like a good DIY story to get you motivated.

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