Sunday, January 6, 2008

Meet the new brand of survivalists

Meet the new brand of survivalists - they're probably your next-door neighbours. That's what Australian journalist Mark Whittaker discovered when he wrote a feature story for the Weekend Australian Magazine in November 2006.

"Adelaide aircraft engineer Steve McReady is sick of trying to warn people who won't listen, he is bugging out. He has sold four of his seven investment properties, and has a fifth on the market. He's putting his collection of 10 classic Triumphs and BMWs up for sale. The girlfriend begged him to keep the BM convertible, but there won't be much use for it in the world he sees coming.

"He has bought a property in New Zealand - which he says fares well in climate-change models - and once he gets his affairs in order he'll move there to learn about growing vegies and raising chooks. He wants to build a big shed to stock with all the important things that will become difficult to obtain, such as fencing wire and Band-Aids. But he worries that he's left it too late, and that the world might start getting ugly before he can learn how to make cheese and grow potatoes."

Read the full story here.

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