Friday, January 11, 2008

The vegetarian survival kit

Are you ready for the vegetarian apocalypse?
It's not just the carnivores who are obsessed with eking out survival in tough times, the vegetarians have a strong sense of self preservation too, ifthe survival chatter on is anything to go by.
Aside from general survival suggestions, food stores should be protein-based and low-sodium.
There are also suggestions for storing commercially sold ready-to-eat meals vegetarian/vegan meals. OK if you have the money, but for most people, the bulk storage of beans/lentils/rice/nuts and powered soups etc would be a more obvious course of action.
Add to this dried fruit, 'energy' bars (ie. muesli, chocolate or that strange melange of ingredients that results in those dark bendy chewy logs), crackers, canned fruit, powdered soy milk and vitamins.
One writer has soberly suggested the inclusion of spirits such as vodka and brandy - for medicinal reasons, of course ;)
You can also chase up a copy of Apocalypse Chow for some meat-free meal ideas.

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